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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stuffed Peppers

I use green peppers, you can use any kind you like :)

4-5 peppers
1 lb ground turkey
1 small onion
2 cups brown rice, cooked (I make it in big batches and freeze it so I have it on hand)
1/2 t hot pepper flakes
2-3 T ketchup
1 c cheddar cheese (I don't always do this, but today I did)
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
2 14 oz cans tomato sauce

Brown ground turkey with onion (salt & pepper if you like), drain (there shouldn't be much to drain). Turn off heat.
Add rice, pepper flakes, ketchup, beans, cheese, mix well.

Cut pepper 'tops' off, you can save them to put on top or freeze them next time you need peppers.

Stuff the peppers, put in crockpot, add tomato sauce all around.  Cook on low 6-8 hours.

I toyed with adding taco seasoning - maybe next time, this is one of Phyllis's favorite things to eat and we haven't had it in awhile so I left it how she likes it.

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